# Communication & Network Security

# Network diagram

In order to prepare your organization's network for Witivio solutions, here is an overview of the the different network flows involved:

TeamsPro architecture

# Flows between your organization's network and Witivio solutions

All the traffic from and to the Witivio solutions use HTTPS protocol on port 443.
Here is a short description of each flow:

  1. *.teams-pro.com / gpt-pro.com for the apps including help contents
  2. *.msecnd.net and *..visualstudio.com for performance metrics analysis
  3. *.windows.net for blob cache storage
  4. *.microsoft.com for Microsoft Graph API access

# Traffic encryption

All the traffic from and to Witivio solutions are encrypted (and HTTPS protocol enforced), usingβ€―TLS v1.2 (opens new window), ensuring secure communication between our customers and our platform. To do so, we’re using Azure Front Door as the only entry point to the app (web apps and API).

Online SSL Test

You can see a detailed report of our SSL certificate using this free online service that performs a deep analysis of the configuration of our SSL:
Launch Qualys SSL Server Test (opens new window)

# DDoS prevention

While we've prevented rogue traffic from accessing our servers and network, it’s still possible for external services to block anyone else from using our service by creating a distributed, denial-of-service attack.
To prevent this, we're using Azure Traffic Manager as a first level of protection.
Learn more about Azure Traffic Manager (opens new window)

# Domains whitelisting

We understand that our customers need to be confident that they are communicating with Witivio solutions in a secure environment. Domains whitelisting is one of the most effective methods of ensuring this and prevents any internet traffic intended for Witivio from being hijacked or rerouted to a rogue website.
Our complete portfolio of domains are outlined below to help our customers configure their corporate web proxy.


This information is subject to change and we recommend that you check back quarterly for the addition of new domains.

# TeamsPro & MetaOffice Pro

# TeamsPro Web App

  • Domains/Hosts: *.teams-pro.com
  • Justification/Purpose: TeamsPro web applications for Microsoft Teams

# TeamsPro Help Center

  • Domains/Hosts: docs.teams-pro.com

# TeamsPro Trust Center

  • Domains/Hosts: trust.teams-pro.com

# TeamsPro Admin Center

  • Domains/Hosts: admin.teams-pro.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Admin center of TeamsPro

# TeamsPro Subscription manager

  • Domains/Hosts: subscription.witivio.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Subscription management for TeamsPro licence

# Chargebee

  • Domains/Hosts:
    • *.chargebee.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Subsription and billing management.

# Intercom

  • Domains/Hosts: *.intercom.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Support management.

# Clarity

  • Domains/Hosts: clarity.ms
  • Justification/Purpose: Microsoft service used by Witivio solutions to collect anonymous telemetry

# GPT Pro

# GPT Pro Web App

  • Domains/Hosts: *.gpt-pro.com
  • Justification/Purpose: GPTPro web applications for Microsoft Teams

# GPT Pro Help Center

  • Domains/Hosts: docs.witivio.com

# GPT Pro Trust Center

  • Domains/Hosts: trust.witivio.com

# GPT Pro Admin Center

  • Domains/Hosts: admin.gpt-pro.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Admin center of GPT Pro

# Clarity

  • Domains/Hosts: clarity.ms
  • Justification/Purpose: Microsoft service used by Witivio solutions to collect anonymous telemetry

# All

# Microsoft Azure Application Insight

  • Domains/Hosts:
    • applicationinsights.azure.com
    • dc.services.visualstudio.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Microsoft Azure service used by Witivio solutions to collect anonymous performance metrics, telemetry and application logs/traces. More infos (opens new window)

# Microsoft Graph API

  • Domains/Hosts: graph.microsoft.com
  • Justification/Purpose: API used by Witivio solutions to interact with Microsoft 365 services

# Fonts

  • Domains/Hosts: fonts.gstatic.com
  • Justification/Purpose: Fonts used by Witivio solutions