# Teams Catalog

The Catalog Teams page allows an administrator/coach to publish or remove the application 'Chatbots' in the Teams catalog automatically or manually.

catalogue teams

# Catalog application

With multiple chatbots on Microsoft Teams, it is a good idea to implement an application to allow users to identify these chatbots more easily.

This catalog application lists all the chatbots available in Microsoft Teams, the chatbots you chose to "publish" on the application (Publish a chatbot in Teams.

autorisation teams

This application displays to the users the chatbots list deployed in the Teams tenant. It shows them the name and the scope of each chatbot.

# Automatic installation

# Authorization


It is required to be authorized by an administrator of the chatbot to automatically publish the application 'Chatbots' and the Teams applications of each chatbot. Without this explicit authorization, the installation of the Teams application cannot be automated.

Here are the rights to authorize the installation of the Teams application:

Name Witivio - BotCatalog
ID b4633c92-1b8e-4dbf-86cb-51ec202317c9
Permissions Delegated permissions
Scopes AppCatalog.Read.All, AppCatalog.Submit, TeamsAppInstallation.ReadWriteForUser, offline_access, openid,

In order to publish the application 'Chatbots' in the Teams catalog, Witivio needs the authorization of a Tenant Administrator. Click on the "I authorize you " button to start the authentication process.

autorisation teams

Vous devriez voir apparaitre une fenêtre d'authentification microsoft. Identifiez-vous avec les informations d'un admnistrateur du tenant.

autorisation teams

Once the authorization is successfully completed, the status above the "I authorize you " button should change to connected as shown in the following image.

autorisation teams

# Publication

Once connected, you can publish the application automatically from the platform by clicking on the Publish button.

publication application teams

Once published, the Remove button that appears allows you to remove the application from the Teams catalog.

publication application teams

# Manual installation

If you do not have a Tenant administrator account, you can publish the 'Chatbots' application manually in Teams.

# Download

From the 'Catalog Teams' page, download the application package by clicking on the download button as shown in the image below.

download application teams

# Publication

Go to Teams, then click on °°° in the left navigation bar, as shown in the image below.

dropdown teams

A pop-up box appears, then click on More Apps.

dropdown teams

You are now in Teams Catalog. Click on Submit to app catalog as shown in the screen below. Then click on Submit an app.

application personalisé teams

A pop-up opens, select the package you downloaded previously and click on Open.

application pop up personalisé teams

The application will appear with a pending status. Ask an administrator procedure:

  • To accept that the application Chatbots can be published in the Teams catalog.
  • To give you the id of the application in the catalog.

Once the administrator has accepted your application, the status of the application 'Chatbots' will change to Approved.

application approuvé

Then you will find the application in your Teams Catalog.

application approuvé

To complete the publication go back to the Platform Catalog page. Enter the application id provided by the administrator when approving the application 'Chatbots'. Then click on Save app id.

application approved


Without the previous step, the application will not work.

# Administration

As an admin go to the Microsoft Teams admin center from Office 365 portal. Access the Manage apps tab.


Using the search bar, look for the application 'Chatbots' in the list and click it. You access an information page of the application 'Chatbots'. First, send the App ID to the person who published the app. This user will need it to add it to the Witivio platform.


Then change the publication status from Submitted to Published.

application approuv

Then click on publish.

application approuv