# GPT Pro Change Log

# Overview

This change log documents the updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements for GPT Pro, a SaaS solution that integrates custom GPT capabilities into Microsoft Teams for enterprise users. It's organized into two main categories: Bugs and User Stories, providing a clear and concise overview of the product's evolution.

# Change Log


  1. Missing Translations: Issues related to untranslated content were addressed.
  2. Unable to Add Administrator: Fixed the issue preventing the addition of new administrators.
  3. Plugin Data Validation: Ensured data added through plugins adheres to Open AI's plugin manifest requirements.
  4. Skills Display: Addressed the issue with skills being incorrectly displayed.
  5. Category Translation in Table: Fixed the translation issues in the category section of tables.
  6. Incorrect Document Link in Bot Answer: Corrected the document link provided in the bot's responses.
  7. Bot Reference Issues: Resolved the issue where the bot provided document references for unrelated queries.
  8. Prompt Menu Translation: Updated the prompt menu to include translations.
  9. Choice Content Translation: Fixed translation issues in the content of choices.
  10. Generated Prompt Translation: Addressed the lack of translation in generated prompts.
  11. Incorrect Document Icon in Reference Card: Updated the document icon in the reference card to the correct one.
  12. Sharing Prompt View Translation: Ensured the sharing prompt view is translated appropriately.
  13. Reference Card Icons: Fixed the issue with expand and collapse icons in the reference card.
  14. Prompt List View Translation: Updated the prompt list view with the necessary translations.
  15. Responsive Design Issues: Addressed the lack of responsiveness in certain views.
  16. Teams Design for Buttons: Updated buttons to align with Microsoft Teams' design.
  17. Localization of New Prompt View: Localized the interface for adding new prompts.
  18. NullReferenceException Error: Resolved the NullReferenceException error occurring during system prompt updates.
  19. Plugin Modal Button Icons: Fixed the absence of icons in plugin modal buttons.
  20. Localization of Welcome Card View: Updated the welcome card view with appropriate localizations.
  21. System Prompt View Localization: Ensured the system prompt view is fully localized.
  22. Download Page Localization: Addressed the lack of localization on the download page.
  23. Mandatory Video Marking in Welcome Prompt: Corrected the marking of the video as mandatory in the welcome prompt page.
  24. Exclusive End Date Issue: Resolved the issue with the end date being exclusive in data representation.

User Stories:

  1. Reviewing User History: Enhanced the administrator's ability to review user history for quality assessment.

# Additional Information

  • This document is subject to updates as new changes and improvements are made to GPT Pro.
  • For detailed information about each change, users are encouraged to refer to the specific release notes or contact our support team.