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# Send files via your chatbot / Chatbots catalog in Teams / Suggest questions to your users / Learning feedback

Updated March 23, 2021

  • Send files via your chatbot Users will now be able to transfer a file during a conversation with the chatbot without leaving the chat box. This new feature will allow you to extend the chatbot's functionality to provide a complete conversational experience.
  • Chatbots catalog in Teams Deploy your chatbot catalog in Microsoft Teams so that all your users can choose which chatbot to address according to their needs.
  • Suggest questions to your users In order to improve the conversational experience and help your users, suggest questions to ask the chatbot.
  • Learning feedback It is important to collect the opinions of your users in order to improve your tool and thus promote its use. This is why we offer you another feedback form: the learning feedback.

# Customized period for dashboard display & export of usage and performance logs

Updated 24 November 2020

  • It is now possible to customize the display period of your performance and usage data.
  • You can export your dashboard data. This information will then be exported as dynamic tables in an Excel file.

# Automate the deployment of your chatbots in Team, new channels & authorization lists for Metabot

Updated 27 October 2020

  • Find out how to autonomously deploy all your chatbots in Microsoft Teams.
  • Chatbots created from the Witivio platform are now integrated into Lumapps, Powell 365, Beezy, SharePoint and Outlook.
  • From now on, the MetaBot takes into account the authorization lists.

# MetaBot & automatic translation customization

Update 22 September 2020

Here we go! Witivio officially launches the MetaBot! Also, discover the automatic translation customization.

Updated 2 June 2020

An image gallery is now available in the "Tools" tab. You can then load and store images for a URL will be created automatically.

# Features Teams

Updated 14 April 2020

This new Audit page is only accessible to License Administrators who, as a reminder, have access to all chatbots.

# Conversation history

Updated 24 March 2020

Entities are data that you want to extract from the question, such as names ... etc

# Inbox

Updated 13 January 2020

You will notice improvements in the ergonomics of the Witivio platform, in particular on the home page, in the inbox but also in the knowledge base (FAQ).

# Choice in trees and contextual response

Updated 3 December 2019

Sequencing and prioritizing escalations: You can now prioritize your escalations. When your level 1 escalation is not successful, does not meet a condition and / or the user is not satisfied with this first solution, then the chatbot will propose your level 2 escalation.

# Witivio

Updated 22 October 2020

V2 of the WITIVIO web administration application: This new version is much faster, although the design remains the same. It has been migrated to the latest technology versions to make maintenance and upgrades easier.

# Power BI

Updated 26 September 2020

Microsoft Flow / Azure Logic Apps: Create automated workflows between your apps and your chatbot to get more information.

# Dynameet

Updated 1 July 2020

Presentation of the following new features: Export, Escalade, Dyanmeet ... and more

# New version of Webchat (V2)

Updated 3 June 2019

Presentation of the following new features: Display of a message to encourage conversation, Rich text editor for campaigns and escalation, Addition of an API Key to secure calls to APIs via the chatbot: key displayed in the Settings tab and much more ...

# Initial dialogues

Updated 18 April 2019

Presentation of the following new features: Basic markdown message, Webchat in production, The webchat takes profiles into account during integration tests and much more ...

# Widen the search for rooms and windows

Updated 26 February 2019

Evolution of the dashboard and dynameet. These features are available on request, please contact us for activation.

# Use dashboards

Updated 7 February 2019

Dashboard evolution: use, performance, Platform user manual, Service statuses, New knowledge base engine in French, Improved score processing.

# Webchat

Updated 14 January 2019

Here are the new features brought to the Witivio platform during our last update of January 14, 2019. The objective is that you discover but also that you use in an autonomous way these new tools made available to you.