# Dynameet 365

# What for ?

Dynameet is the Witivio chatbot specializing in the organization of your meetings. He finds a niche in which you and your colleagues are available, sends the invitations for you and reserves a room for your meeting.

  • Find slots: with one or more employees, over a specified period.
  • Organize meetings: include a subject in the meeting, send the meeting invitation.
  • Book rooms: the right size, located near me on the premises.

To find out more, click on the Organize tab.

# How ?


Dynameet is available on Skype and Teams and it is directly connected to Exchange (Office 365):

He will therefore have all the information in your diary and will then offer you time slots corresponding to your availability and those of your colleagues.

During your first conversation with Dynameet, all you need to do is inform them about your place of work (building number, floor, office number) so that they can offer you meeting rooms as close as possible to your space. .

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