# Categories

Click on Knowledge then Categories.

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# What for ?

Questions in the knowledge base (KB) can be categorized to simplify searching and display. However, these categories are not available for users, but only for coaches, to help them in the continuous improvement of the chatbot.

In the FAQ tab, you can then filter your questions by category in the search bar.

If a sorting by categories has been done in the knowledge base, you will find in the dashboards tab the percentage of categories most requested by users.

# How ?

In the “Categories” tab, enter the name of your category and click on “+” to add it.

The new category will be displayed and you will also have the number of questions belonging to the category.

The "Editorial" category is already present in the platform. Here, you can for example add questions that do not correspond to any other category. Once added, a category can be modified (pen icon) or deleted (trash icon).

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How to create a category

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