# Suggested questions

The "Suggested Questions" tab corresponds to the questions for which the Active Learning has been activated.

The Active Learning is triggered when the chatbot has a doubt about the understanding of the question: several questions in the knowledge base trigger a score higher than 50% but with a difference of less than 20 points.

For the questions in this tab, the chatbot suggested few questions and the user thus selects the right suggestion to get the corresponding answer.

Suggested questions

Suggested questions can be handled in the same way as unanswered questions and Low scoring questions.

Click on the question to display the details and take the necessary corrective actions:

  • The question does not exist in the knowledge base: Create a new question
  • This is a reformulation of another question in the knowledge base: Choose an existing question
  • This is a reformulation of the choosen question: Add the question as an alternative to the question selected by the user
  • For all other actions: Access the FAQ
Suggested questions 2

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