# Homepage

# Home

The home button allows you to see all the available chatbots but also to add and create new ones.

You can also find the status of publications as well as the tags of your chatbot. Click on "Select" to access the dashboard and the configuration of one of your chatbots.

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    1. Publications status of your chatbots: published, trained, in construction; to be configured
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    1. Tags are configurable in the Settings tab > Settings. Enter the wished tag(s) and then click on "+ Add". You will then find the tags added on your home page.
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# Information

The "Information" page contains details about the license and allows you to know the number and percentage of conversations per chatbot. Select the wished period by using the available filter.

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This page also contains a summary table indicating:

  • The period (year and month)
  • Monthly amount
  • Consumed amount
  • Available amount
  • Off-licence consumed

# Audit

This Audit page is accessible only to Licence Administrators. As a reminder, they have access to all chatbots.

This page will allow you to identify :

  • the actions carried out (What?)
  • the coaches who carried out a specific task (Who?)
  • The date and time of an action (When?)
  • The page on which the action was carried out (Where?)

The information can be filtered by chatbot, by coach, by page and by date. It can also be exported.

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# Privacy policies

On the platform's home page, the "Privacy Policies" tab allows you to configure the privacy settings globally for all available chatbots (1) or for each of your chatbots (2) :

  • record the identity of users
  • record the conversation history
  • enable pre-configured queries related to the GDPR
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Remeber to save changes !

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