# Power BI dashboards

It is possible to create dashboards using the Power BI application. To this, you will need Witivio - Power BI connectors (on demand).

Please follow these steps to use them:

  1. Install PowerBI Desktop via the Microsoft Marketplace.

  2. In the file "my documents", create a "Power BI Desktop" file.

  3. In the file "Power BI Desktop" create a "Custom Connectors" file.

  4. Add these files to the "Custom Connectors" folder.

  5. Restart PowerBi App.

The Witivio connectors will appear in the "Custom" data sources.

To retrieve chatbot or license information:

  • In the Power BI application click on "Get Data" at the left top.

  • Choose "More..." then "Other".

  • Select "Witivio" if you want to get the information about a chatbot. Select "Witivio license" to display your license information.

    When choosing "Witivio (Beta), add the chatbot ID. You can find it on the platform in the Settings tab > Settings > Settings > Bot.

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  • Select the required display criteria, here, for instance Feedback, History, Performance, Usage.

  • Then click on Load at the bottom right of the page.

  • In order to cross different data, choose the Visualizations, select the wished Fields and their placement on the ordinate and abscissa axes.

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Here is an example of a dashboard:

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Witivio - Power BI Connector

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