# Teams prerequisites

# Prerequisites

Before performing this step, your chatbot must be created on the Witivio platform (and therefore appear in the chatbots list). The chatbot does not necessarily have to be configured. You can perform this step at the time of the chatbot’s creation or when adding a channel.

# Creation of an Azure Bot Channel


Before starting, you must have access to an Azure subscription.

Login to the portal https://portal.azure.com

  • Click on Create a resource
click on create a resource
  • In the search bar, enter bot channel registration
bot channel registration
  • Click on Create
click on create
Chatbot Name The name of the chatbot you want. Good practice: put the same as in the Witivio interface
Subscription Your Azure Subscription
Resources Group The Azure resources group you want
Location The location of the service you are going to create. North Europe = Dublin
Pricing Tier S1
Message URL The URL displayed in the Witivio interface
Application Insight Disabled
bot channel
  • Click on create
  • After the deployement, Click on Settings and in the link Manage
Click on Settings and in the link Manage
  • Click on New Clients secret the select Never
New Clients secret
  • Copy and keep the value

Once created, Teams must now be activated on this new channel.

Teams must now be activated

Click on channels then click on the Teams icon.

Click on save.

click on save

Accept Microsoft's terms of use.

Accept Microsoft's terms of use.

# Configure the channel on the Witivio 365 application

Your channel is created on Azure. Therefore, you have all the information to activate it in the interface. To this, copy the Microsoft App ID and Microsoft Password into the corresponding fields.

Your channel is configured and your chatbot will be active on Teams in a few minutes.

# Add an image to the bot

When created, your chatbot Teams does not have a picture.

To add a photo, access the bot channel on Azure. Click on Settings then Add a picture.


Don't forget to register !

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